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House Blend - ArRo Series Combo


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Try our ‘House Blend Combo Packs’ made from Selectively Hand-picked Finest Coffee Beans from Glorious Estates of Coorg.

Each coffee pack is filled with goodness and love that has aroma, flavour and body in balance.

ArRo 01 
Blend of Arabica Plantation AA, Robusta Cherry and Arabica Plantation Peaberry.
This blend of Arabica, Peaberry and Robusta cherry beans in flawless proportion is medium roasted; giving coffee a smooth taste and Pleasant mouthfeel.

ArRo 02 
Blend of Arabica Cherry and Robusta Cherry. 
This blend gives a fruitier, lighter bodied coffee.

ArRo 03 
Blend of Arabica Plantation AA and Robusta Cherry. 
This blend gives an earthy flavour coffee with well-balanced aroma and persistent aftertaste.

ArRo 04 
Blend of Robusta Cherry and Arabica Cherry. 
The beans are mixed in right proportions and roasted to perfection to give a full-bodied coffee with chocolatey notes that leaves behind a subtle punch!

Pack - Oxo-Degradable Pouch With Ziplock To Retain Freshness
No. of Units - 4
Net Quantity - 75g or 200g
Shelf Life - Six Months