Why Estate Monkeys?


At Estate Monkeys, we believe in freshness above all else. We roast our premium, single-origin Coorg coffee in small collections, ensuring each cup bursts with flavour.

For 5 generations, our family has been cultivating exceptional coffee in the heart of Coorg. Our two estates, nestled in the idyllic Somwarpet region, are blessed with the perfect conditions to grow some of the world’s finest Arabica beans.

We stay true to time-honoured traditions, handpicking only the ripest cherries and sun-drying them to perfection.

We craft unique blends and offer single estate coffees, all made to order and delivered fresh to your doorstep. Experience the rich heritage and exceptional quality behind every cup of Estate Monkeys Coffee.

Discover the taste of tradition, freshness and Coorg’s finest coffee. Visit our website to explore our single-origin and handcrafted blends.



For over a century, our family-run business has been cultivating the finest coffee beans in the heart of Coorg, India. Our two estates; Baragalli Estate & Puttana Koppalu Estate, are dedicated to producing exceptional, GI-tagged Coorg Arabica coffee.

Generations of knowledge and experience have been passed down, ensuring that our commitment to quality remains unwavering. Many of our dedicated workers have been with us for three generations, their expertise and deep understanding of the land contributing significantly to the character of our coffee.

Quality begins in the fields, where our experienced workers meticulously handpick only the ripest coffee cherries. Once handpicked, the coffee cherries undergo a rigorous washing process to remove any impurities. We employ fresh, clean water for two washes, ensuring that the beans retain their natural sweetness and acidity. After washing, the coffee cherries are carefully laid out to dry under the warm Coorg sun. The sun's gentle rays dry the cherries evenly, coaxing out their unique flavors and aromas.



Single-origin coffee beans originate from a specific geographical location, allowing the unique characteristics of that region to shine through in the final cup. By exclusively sourcing our beans from Coorg, we harness the magic of this celebrated coffee-growing region.

We take single-origin coffee a step further by exclusively sourcing our beans from our two estates in Somwarpet, Coorg. This single-estate approach allows for unparalleled control over the quality and character of our coffee. Our experienced workers meticulously handpick only the ripest coffee cherries at the peak of their flavor potential. Each cherry is carefully selected by hand, ensuring that only the finest beans with the most exceptional characteristics make it into your cup. This meticulous hand-selection process guarantees a consistent and remarkable coffee experience in every cup you brew.

Following handpicking, our coffee beans undergo a rigorous grading process. This process involves meticulously sorting the beans based on various factors such as size, density, and visual imperfections. Only the beans that meet our stringent export-quality standards are selected for roasting.



We understand that freshness is paramount to exceptional coffee. Our beans are roasted in small batches shortly before they are packaged, ensuring that they reach you at the peak of their flavor and aromatic potential. By controlling the roasting process, we carefully coax out the full flavor profile of our beans, creating a coffee that is both rich and nuanced.

The small-batch roasting techniques ensures consistency in quality and control over the roast profile. During roasting, the beans are carefully monitored as their temperature rises, triggering a series of chemical reactions that transform the green beans into the aromatic wonders familiar to coffee lovers.

By carefully controlling the roasting time and temperature, we can create a variety of roast profiles to cater to different preferences. Whether you favor a bright and light roast with its lively acidity or a full-bodied, dark roast with notes of caramel and chocolate, we have a roast profile to tantalize your taste buds. Our commitment to exceptional coffee extends to the roasting process. We are dedicated to using our expertise to transform our high-quality beans into exceptional roasted coffee.



In a world of instant gratification and mass-produced goods, our made-to-order coffee philosophy offers a refreshing alternative. By meticulously processing each order after it's received, we ensure that every cup you brew bursts with the vibrant flavors and aromas inherent in our high-quality coffee beans.

Made-to-order coffee isn't just about freshness; it's about empowering you to create a coffee experience that caters to your unique preferences. Many coffee roasters offer pre-selected blends or roasts. With our made-to-order approach, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of bean origins, roast profiles, and grind sizes. Whether you favor the bright acidity of a light roast or the rich, chocolaty notes of a dark roast, you can select the perfect option to suit your taste. Additionally, you can choose your preferred grind size, ensuring optimal extraction for your brewing method. This level of customization allows you to craft a coffee experience that's truly your own.

Our made-to-order coffee philosophy is more than just a brewing method; it's a commitment to quality and an exceptional coffee experience. We believe that fresh, high-quality coffee deserves a brewing process that celebrates its inherent potential. By processing your order after it's received, we ensure that every cup you brew is an invitation to rediscover the magic of fresh coffee. So, embrace the made-to-order difference and embark on a sensory journey with every cup.