• How to store ground coffee?

Once opened, it is advised to store ground coffee in air tight containers to retain the freshness & aroma. Henceforth, it’s highly recommended to buy every two weeks and use it fresh instead of stocking up for months.

Note: Do not store Ground Coffee in the refrigerators. The main idea is to keep it away from air and moisture.

  • How to store roasted beans?

Roasted Beans give off a considerable quantity of carbon dioxide. The degassing process will help protect the roasted beans. So the most preferred way is to use Bags / Pouches with one way valve. The Jars / Coffee Canisters with valves can also be used to store Roasted Beans. 

  • What is the suggested grind size for coffee?

Grind size plays a vital role to get your desired Coffee Brew. There is no fixed grind size suggested for Coffee. It mainly depends on the type of Brewing method/Equipment you use at home. So we encourage the customers to choose the more accurate product (customisable) for their coffee makers.

  • What is instant coffee? 

Instant coffee has dominated the current market because of its low price and ease of preparation. Instant coffee is the coffee that has already been brewed, decoction is dried and frozen in the form of granules or powder. Instant powder can directly be added to milk or water to make coffee. This type of coffee tastes weak and lacks flavour. There is a tendency to use low grade coffee beans, infuse aroma and over extract the coffee in the process of Instant Coffee Manufacturing.

  • Does Estate Monkeys LLP sell instant coffee?

Estate Monkeys LLP does not manufacture or market any Instant Coffee powders.

  • Can filter/ground coffee be used as an instant coffee?

NO. NEVER. Filter/Ground Coffee requires a specific technique and apparatus to brew the coffee decoction. One cannot make coffee by just adding Filter / Ground coffee to milk or water.

  • How does subscription method work?

You can avail our Coffee Subscription Offers (weekly and bi-weekly) by pre-ordering your desired blend of Coffee or Roasted Beans. It helps you save time and money. We roast thrice a week and make sure your coffee reaches your doorstep right on time. All that you need to let us know is your preferred blend and brewing method of coffee.

  • Can you judge coffee by its colour?

NO. Without knowing the Type / Origin / Constituents of Coffee, one can not gauge the quality or taste of the coffee from the colour. Labelling the coffee as strong or mild just by the colour is not right.

  • What is chicory?

Chicory is not Coffee. It is a type of dandelion family plant cultivated for its leaves and roots. The roots of chicory plant are dried, baked and ground; and used as a Coffee substitute.

  • What is the difference between dry processing (Cherry Grade/Unwashed) and wet processing (Plantation Grade/Washed)?

This refers to the removal of pulp from the Coffee Beans. In the Dry method, the cherries are laid out and dried under the sun for 2 - 3 weeks. They are turned by rakes several times a day to ensure even drying. During this process, the pulp ferments giving a particular taste to the bean and adding to its eventual quality and flavour. They are later transferred to hulling machines for removal of the dried outer layers (husk, parchment and the silver skin). This method enhances body and complexity of coffee.

In the Wet method, the cherries are introduced into Pulper to remove the outer skin and pulp of the bean. The berries are then subjected to fermentation in tanks, for 12 - 24 hours. They are later washed in constantly changing clean water. After washing, they are drained and dried for a shorter period. They are later transferred to hulling machines similar to Dry method. Wet processing method enhances clarity and acidity of Coffee.

  • Why does origin of coffee matter?

Knowing the origin of coffee helps you connect with their place and story. The region, rainfall, climatic and terrain conditions helps you determine how well the coffee is grown and processed. It is a matter of subjective taste. It is always better to sample a wide variety of origins, types and roasting styles for a perfect CUP.