Single Estate Coffee

Estate Monkeys brings you fresh, 100% pure and premium Arabica beans from the best plantations across North Coorg. Selectivity, traceability, transparency and quality describes and complements this coffee. From growing to brewing, every step is monitored and accounted for! The first step of quality check takes place at the estate level. Shade-grown coffee supports biodiversity, native flora and fauna and migratory birds. They retain huge biodiversity thus complementing the coffee plants with various fruit bearing trees and spices which as a matter of fact adds on to the flavors of coffee. The hand-picked ripe cherries are hand-sorted with utmost care. They are introduced into machines to remove the fruit pulp and later washed in clear water to remove the mucilage. The washed beans are laid out in thin layers and dried naturally under the sun for a few days constantly by using rakes and later transferred into hulling machines for removal of the skin. These beans are medium roasted in small batches to retain the coffee notes and aroma.

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Signature Blend Coffee

We have our newest blends made of different grades of 100% Arabica coffee beans. These coffees are ethically sourced from the glorious estates of Coorg district. All the chosen Single-Origin coffee beans are hand-picked, hand-sorted and sun-dried. The best quality Arabica beans are crafted carefully and delightfully; perfectly roasted to create special and the best coffee to suit all Arabica lovers needs. This coffee; lavished with bright notes and pleasant aroma, has excelled the cupping scores. Each pack is made-to-order to ensure you have a luscious experience. 

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House Blend Coffee

Here’s our little piece of treasure; hand-crafted by our experts considering one’s Caffeine interests and love! The art is to find a perfect balance of roasting to bring out the best out of the Bean. It’s a mix of Single Origin, Premium quality Arabica and Robusta beans medium roasted to bring out deeper and sweeter notes.

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Graded Coffee

Arabica and Robusta are the commercially cultivated coffee crops in India. Grading of Indian coffee is based on the size of the coffee beans considering the percentage imperfections and which is totally free from extraneous matters. These coffees would have passed the initial inspection and met certain criteria to make sure the resulting beverage is of good quality.

Samplers 75g packs

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Retail & Chicory Blend Coffee

Find our prepackaged coffee offerings, available in retail packaging.