Sweat Now, Shine Later!

Sweat Now, Shine Later!

For those who whine about your job, ever given a thought so as to why you have chosen that particular work?

Dear Unhappy Employees, Why do you complain about your Boss/Work?

Budding Entrepreneurs, What makes you lose your Heart and Soul at a very initial step of your journey?

Naysayers, How would you define Success and Failure in Business?

Ardent Aspirants, Does the idea of Job Security and Fixed Monthly Income stop you from believing in yourself?

When such concerns and questions revolve around everyone every day in this society, we must confess, we have been through such tough phases while making the career choices but never let Self-doubt strike us… Over the period, we have realized ‘Fear’ is normal and acceptable but ‘not trying’ isn’t..! There are days when the excessive workload affects your morale, when financial disappointments break you apart, the whole idea of ‘Doing what you love’ crashes… That is when ‘Recognition’ and ‘Appreciation’ help you in finding the purpose of your work…

As quoted by Frank Ocean: “Work hard in silence, Let your success be your noise” is what we too believe in. But, occasionally young minds try to seek attention; just to keep them alert and bound to their dreams, which means no harm… The main focus, again, is to stay committed to your dreams and to not stop until you achieve your goal.

Talking about ‘Recognition’ we thank Hospitality Lexis, PAN India Luxury Hospitality Magazine for featuring us on their platform.
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