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A to Z of COFFEE...

Posted by Sahana Mukunda on

Just when this feeling – ‘I need Caffeine first!’ took me to the kitchen, I noticed that I was out of decoction and the milk pack remained unopened in the basket. As I sat at the table alone, waiting for the milk to boil and the decoction to be extracted, with no second thought in my head and no distraction in front of me ( which I unhesitatingly refer to a cellphone); I wondered how my life has revolved around COFFEE lately, Not just as a beverage but as a Profession which turned into Passion (usually works contrariwise for many.!) With the goal of making time, seem to pass more quickly, I started this A-Z word game! Here’s my way of COFFEE A – Z…

A – Aroma

Isn’t this the most satisfying aspect about your drink?

B – Barista 

Kudos to the person who serves coffee with utmost care and smile despite of taking all the heat and steam behind the counter.

C – Caffeine 

Am never for Decaffeinated coffee! So be it..

D – Dabara Set 

One of the best childhood memories I have had with dad; drinking coffee out of Dabara cup without mom’s knowledge was a bliss!! And yes, in many families, there is a specific age until when children are not served coffee.

E – Estate Monkeys 

Yes! Dreams do come true..

F – Filter Coffee 

Always.. Coz, I will never give up milk or sugar.

G – Green Bean 

Great cup of coffee starts right here with best quality bean.

H – Hulling 

A method of processing coffee. (Will discuss shortly…)

I – Indian Coffee House 

For many, Coffee is Culture..

J – Judgemental about taste 

It’s OKAY to be. After all, each one’s palate differs.

K – Kaffeeklatsch 

aka Coffee-Gossip. This one caught my attention. Coffee Meetings made many German Women to think-free and feel-free in the past.

L – Liberica 

The 3 main types of Coffee beans are Arabica, Robusta and Liberica.

M – Moka Pot 

One of my favourite Brewing method. Easy, economical and convenient..

N – Natural 

Always choose a Natural Beverage..

O – Origin 

Of course it matters!! How about starting KYD norms? Know Your Drink!

P – Picking 

My first live coffee picking experience was after marriage. No wonder for me, Coffee is an Emotion.

Q – Q Grader 

Can you take a guess on the number of papers one must clear to become a licensed Q Grader?

R – Roast-Master 

Coffee Roast-Masters.. Getting there slowly but surely.

S – Single Estate 

Designing a perfect blend from one set of beans is indeed a challenge.

T – Temperature 

Plays a vital role. From growing, drying , roasting, to brewing and drinking the coffee.

U – Uganda’s Robusta 

It is now bench-marked as the finest Robusta in the world. It is apparently the most desired powerful Espresso coffee capsule.

V – Vending machine 

Coffee vending machines are life saviours at times. Ain’t they?

W – Weather 

Did you know? One can predict weather with coffee. Works or not, leaves you with the cup of coffee at the end.

X – Xmas Gift 

Indian Coffee acted as the perfect Xmas Gifts for our Coffee lover friends back then in USA.

Y – Yemen 

Yemen exported its coffee through its Port-city, Mocha thus introducing ‘Mocha coffee’ to the world.

Z – Zest 

That’s how ESTATE MONKEYS LLP feels, working with and for Coffee!

Just when I successfully got to the XYZ of coffee and had my first sip; it strikes to mind that ‘A from my glossary’ goes beyond Alert, Awake and Addiction!