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Natural & Organic Antimicrobial - 5% Solution (500ml)


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Germkill India's Vision and Mission

Germkill India was established to conduct scientific research on eco-solutions that can be much more effective than chemical based solutions in stopping the endemic, epidemic and pandemic outbreaks. Germkill India has strong values towards environment and mankind.

The brand has been featured in all the leading news channels and newspapers as the #1 Antimicrobial Brand In India. Raw materials used for making these products are imported and are of superior grade. It is an ISO certified company and has been awarded with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate.

Germkill India believes that a developing country like India should not be put on the backfoot by the invisible enemies in the form of bacteria, virus , fungi and mold. The line of products it focuses on makes sure these invisible enemies are kept in check.

Citrobioshield Products

Citrobioshield®️ Natural and Organic Antimicrobial is a flagship brand introduced by Germkill India. It is India's only Natural and Organic Antimicrobial brand which is lab certified and hospital tested with high germ killing effect.

CitrobioShield products have been tested and put under numerous laboratory trials and have received notable Certifications. CitrobioShield Products are approved by Drug Licensing Authority for use on skin. All the ingredients are from natural source and classed as GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). A team of medical experts did several short term and long term studies in understanding the behaviour of deadly germs and their resistence to germicidals.

It is safe to be used on Humans & Animals.

5% Solution can be used in semi-critical and non-critical areas.

It’s Efficacy is 99.999%

Applications as per Reductions:

Reduced to 4% Non-Critical Areas
Reduced to 2-4% Body wash, Food Preservative
Reduced to 2% Meat Processing Industries
Reduced to 1-2 % Hand wash & Mouth wash
Reduced to 0.5-1% Food & Vegetable wash
Reduced to 0.5% Fogging & Processing Seafood