Mahala - Filter Coffee Powder with 20% Chicory (250g)

Mahala - Filter Coffee Powder with 20% Chicory (250g)

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  • Experience the richness of Kodagu's shade grown coffee in every sip. 
  • Superior blend of 80% Coffee and 20% Chicory made of premium quality Arabica and Robusta beans and best quality Chicory.
  • Arabica Beans produces the finest flavor and aroma.
  • Robusta Beans adds up strength and body to each cup. 
  • Rich and Strong coffee roasted in small batches.
  • This is not a ready-to-drink/ instant coffee. Serve the brewed decoction with frothy milk and sugar.
  • Once opened, store in an air tight container. Do not refrigerate.
  • Shelf life - Six Months; Net Quantity - 250 grams; Contents - Coffee blended with 20% Chicory

Filter Coffee Powder for Sale

Select our Mahala Blend; Filter Coffee Powder with 20 percent Chicory to savour the typical South Indian Filter Coffee. Made out of finest Arabica and Robusta Coffee beans and best quality Chicory; Available in 250g packs. Suits South Indian Filter, Electric Coffee Maker. Free Shipping across India.

Kick start your day with Estate Monkeys filter coffee powder! Your preferred Coffee - Chicory percentage blend is now available online. Choose from our variants of Pure and Blended Filter Coffee Powders - Bargally (Pure Filter Coffee), Mahala (20% Chicory blend), Filter Coffee (30% Chicory blend), Beanchic (40% Chicory blend) that suits Moka Pot, South Indian Filter and Channi Brewing methods. Free Shipping across India.