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Coorg Arabica Coffee Combo


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Try our 'Arabica Coffee Combo Packs' that suffices your Sweet, Zesty and Fruity Flavored Coffee Needs!

It is good bodied with Sharp, Citrusy Acidity, leaves a Juicy , Sweet, Pleasant Mouthfeel with persistent Aftertaste.

The coffee is more balanced with Cereally, Malty and Sweet Chocolate Notes in the Cup profile. It has a Chocolaty and Hint of Orange aroma.

It is Citrusy and good bodied and leaves behind slightly sourish mouthfeel.

The coffee is having Spicy, Herbal, Green peas, Hint of Orange notes in the cup profile.

Arabica Plantation AAA
This coffee provides a highly uniform roast and the brew consists of a full body with good amount of acidity and flavour.

Arabica Plantation AA
This rich, strong coffee is roasted to perfection to retain the fruity flavors.

Arabica Plantation Peaberry 
The rounder shape makes it easier to roast the bean more evenly thus resulting in a more sweeter and flavorful but a lighter bodied coffee which gives a long lasting mouthfeel. This highly aromatic, delicate, washed Peaberry coffee tastes best, when consumed with milk.

Arabica Cherry 
This coffee is rich in aroma and gives a fresh and pleasant flavour.

Pack - Oxo-Degradable Pouch With Ziplock To Retain Freshness
No. of Units - 6
Net Quantity - 75g or 200g
Shelf Life - Six Months