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At Estate Monkeys, one can avail Private Label/White Label Service, tailored to your requirements, at a very minimal cost & a minimum quantity of just 50 units to start off with. We assure the best quality Private/White Label coffee products that will help in building your brand and product line. From sourcing the coffee, roasting, blending to packaging & delivering Private/White Labelled coffee products to your doorstep; we take full responsibility. 

What is White Labelling/White Labelled Products?
As a buyer yourself, you will only be able to decide what the label should look like. The manufacturer specifies; What goes into it & How it should be Packaged. 

Basically, you decide the blend that you like from the range of products Manufacturer has to offer and you sell it under your brand name. 

What is Private Labelling/Private Labelled Products?
As a buyer yourself, you will be able to specify everything about the product on; What goes into it, How it should be Packaged and What the Label Design should look like. 

Basically, you decide the blend, roast type, grind type, pack size and label design. 

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
The MOQ for White Label starts at 50 units. We would be able give you a choice of label: the pouch type/colour/pack size would be limited to what is available In-House. 

If you wish to choose your own pouch type/colour/pack size then the MOQ is 100 units. 

What is 1 Unit?
We at Estate Monkeys would be able to package coffee in any pack size starting with 50g, 75g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 500g, 1kg and so on. It is up to you to decide. All that matters for us is the number of units and not the number of pounds/ounce of coffee you procure from us. 

What are my Options for Packaging?
We offer packaging as per your requirement.

  • We could package in Plain Pouch of your choice and colour. (Please refer MOQ)
  • We could design the labels and help with selection of pouch.
  • We could also package with the labels designed, printed and shipped out to us.

    What are the Benefits of White/Private Label Project?

    • Knowledge of target audience and competitors; we are here to help!
    • Avoid the commotion of manufacturing; at the initial stage of business.
    • Launch the blends which are well appreciated and accepted by the customers.
    • Change, increase your product-line at your convenience.

    What are the opportunities of White/Private Label Project?

    • For existing Business establishments, this is a perfect time to launch the new product.
    • Change the product-line at your own ease and pace! 

    Let’s Connect, Let's Start...
    Taste & Test! (Sampling Process)
    We encourage you to order our Coffee samples before proceeding with the project. You can always make your own blend or sign up with us for exclusivity. We would be able to create multiple blends and you could have them sampled out with your friends and family. 

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