Private Labelling vs White Labelling


At Estate Monkeys, one can avail private label/white label service, tailored to your requirements, at a very minimal cost & a minimum quantity of just 1 unit to start off with. We assure the best quality private/white label coffee products that will help in building your brand and product line. From sourcing the coffee, roasting, blending to packaging & delivering private/white labelled coffee products to your doorstep; we take full responsibility. 

What is 1 Unit?
We at Estate Monkeys would be able to package coffee in any pack size starting with 100g, 150g, 200g, 250g, 400g, 500g, 1000g and so on. It is up to you to decide. We cater for both metric and imperial systems of measurement.

What is Private Label Coffee? (Not applicable for drop-shipping)

  • Private label refers to you as a buyer decides the blend of coffee, roast level, grind type and pack size. 
  • Not applicable for drop-shipping. 
  • Roast profile - Applicable. 
  • Grind type - Applicable. 
  • Pack size - Applicable.
  • Minimum order quantity - 4kg / 4000grams. 
  • Pouches with labels affixed/printed to be shipped out to our manufacturing location. 

What is White Label Coffee?

  • White label refers to you as a buyer decides the blend/grade of coffee from the range of coffee available with us under single estate, signature blend, house blend, graded and chicory blend*.
  • Choice of grind type and pack size applicable. 
  • Applicable for drop-shipping. 
  • Roast profile - Not applicable. 
  • Grind type - Applicable. 
  • Pack size - Applicable. 
  • Minimum order quantity - 0.1kg / 100grams onwards.
    (Not applicable for chicory blend coffee)
  • Pouches with labels affixed/printed to be shipped out to our manufacturing location. 

What are my options for White Label Coffee?

Option 1:

  • Customisation: Available on roast, grind and pack. 
  • Minimum order quantity: 4kg / 4000g onwards. 
  • Payment: 100% advance. 

Option 2:

  • Customisation: Available on grind & pack size. 
  • Minimum order quantity: 0.1kg / 100grams onwards. 
    (Not applicable for chicory blend coffee)
  • Payment: 100% advance - prorated. 

What are my shipping options for Drop-shipping?

Option 1:
Shipping to be scheduled with your shipping partner with invoice and shipping labels soft-copy shared with us over email to

Option 2: 
We schedule your orders to be sent to your direct end consumer shipped with our shipping partner with additional charge of shipping indicated. 

What are my packaging options?
We offer the below options for packaging. 

Option 1: 
We could package your coffee in our oxo-degradable pouches with SKU ranging from 100g, 200g, 250g, 400g and 500g. 

Option 2:
We could package your coffee in the pouches sent to us with your packaging label affixed or sent to us digitally printed. 

What are the benefits of white/private label project model?

  • No stocking of inventory by you. 
  • 100% made to order - freshly ground and shipped. 
  • Launch the blends which are well appreciated and accepted by the customers. 
  • Change/modify your product line at your convenience. 
  • New and established businesses could try new product lines of blends/grade at a lower initial cost. 

    Let’s Connect, Let's Start..

    Taste & Test! (Sampling Process)
    We encourage you to order our coffee samples before proceeding with the project. You can always make your own blend or sign up with us for exclusivity. We would be able to create multiple blends and you could have them sampled out with your friends and family. 

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