We Celebrate the Art of Dreaming ! That's what helped us grow...


Rajwant R Shankar comes from a long ancestry of sound coffee growers in the North Coorg region. After years of working in the United States and having Master’s in Engineering Management from The University of Minnesota, he is determined to work in Food and Beverage Industry in India. Having his soul in Supply Chain Management, acquiring the knowledge from the West and implementing it right here was his dream. Possessing skills in managing and directing; leading the team in the right path makes him a perfect asset to this Company.




Ritwik R Shankar also comes from a ancestry of coffee growers. Though, born & brought up in Bangalore, he acquired skills of coffee plantations from senior guidance. Building to his interests to coffee, he did training on Coffee Roasting & Brewing at Coffee Board of India and completed a course on Art & Science of Coffee Roasting. Being skilled in coffee roasting and its process, he is involved in adding new blends to the product line and manages operation of the company.




Sahana Mukunda comes from a family who is into mixed and advanced farming. Having Master’s in Public Administration and gaining knowledge about fundraising & budgeting of multiple NGOs, she involved herself in the family business. She has an unceasing love for learning and researching. She encourages others to actively seek out for new knowledge and develop new skills. Imbibing such competence, she makes sure the brand is endorsed appropriately. 




Rahul Hari is a successful Engineer by Profession and skilled Culinarian by Passion. His love for traveling and food is eternal. He is an adventurous traveller and tests himself by being exposed to new places, culture, people and food. This makes him an epicure, with outstanding tastes and an ardent member of Estate Monkeys. Rahul is currently residing in California and handles the Company's operations in the United States.