Estate Monkeys LLP is the sole E-Commerce Distribution Partner for Germkill India's CitrobioShield Products across India. Protection of health in humans, animals and plants; in an environmentally sustainable system is Germkill India’s vision for the future. 

CitrobioShield is India’s first Organic Product involved in the fight against COVID-19. These products are Natural and Organic Antimicrobials that can be used in any place where effective and efficient Disinfection, Sanitation and Preservation are required.

All the ingredients are from natural source and classed as GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). CitrobioShield's active natural antimicrobial ingredients with complex bioflavonoids / polyphenols are derived from organic citrus fruits.

CitrobioShield products have been tested and put under numerous laboratory trials and have received notable Certifications. CitrobioShield Products are approved by Drug Licensing Authority for use on skin.

It is safe to be used on Humans & Animals. CitrobioShield has been developed to pro-actively eliminate the incidences of virulent microbial diseases which have become immune to chemical alternatives in Hospitals & Food Processing.




Hand & Skin Sanitiser  

It contains organic emollients which condition the skin and prevent dryness. It eliminates bacteria, mould and fungi from the skin and leaves it surgically clean, odour free and non-greasy.  This product does not cause itchiness, irritation or dryness when applied or used.

Food Wash & Natural Preservative

Keeps produce fresh for up to 2 - 3 times longer than conventional methods resulting in very high reductions in spoilage. This product is a terminal food sanitizer (reduced to 2% solution) and is not required to be rinsed off, once applied. The absence of micro - organisms extend the shelf life and freshness of any fresh, raw, chilled and cooked foods before packaging and distribution to retail outlets. Reduces the risk of food poisoning by eliminating pathogenic micro-organisms.

Surface / Air Disinfectant

It can be used safely to disinfect air and all types of surfaces and it is not corrosive. It can be used for surface / air disinfection in homes, offices or industrial environments. An anti-bacterial disinfectant that does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals.



Shipping Containers

Shipping containers can be sprayed or fogged daily with Organic Disinfectant (reduced to 0.5% solution). This will help minimise the risk of cross contamination during shipment. 

Passenger Vehicles

The deodorizing action of this product neutralizes and removes odour molecules from the air, at the same time killing bacteria and fungus that can cause odours. 


In Airports or any gatherings where the people turnover is high, this product can be used effectively as it is suitable for fogging even in the presence of human beings. This saves a lot of time and money. 



Hospitals, Clinics & Healthcare Facilities

CitrobioShield has been developed to pro-actively eliminate the incidences of virulent microbial diseases which have become immune to chemical alternatives in hospitals. There is no need to shift anyone or anything at the time of fogging and the time taken is very short and does not disturb the routine schedule of the Operation Theatres, Intensive Care Units and other critical areas. The area can be utilized immediately after disinfection.

Medical & Surgical Equipments

Suitable for disinfection of critical areas (OT, ICU etc) and sterilisation of endoscopes and surgical instruments.  CONCENTRATIONS TO BE USED Surgical Instruments: 10% Critical Areas: 10% Semi-critical Areas: 5%

Pharmaceutical - Sterile & Production Areas

In Pharmaceutical Industries, it can be used with these techniques: Scrubbing, Mopping, Spraying, Fogging, Soaking / Immersion methods. It is fast - acting and has a long residual effect.




Kindergartens, Schools & Childcare Facilities

An anti-bacterial disinfectant that does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals. It provides a complete hand hygiene solution for adults and children both at home and outside.

Live Stock Rearing & Carriers

The product is completely non-toxic to humans and animals and can be used for cage and pen cleaning. Disinfectant is effective at dilutions of 2 - 4% depending on the levels of bacterial load. It can be used during poultry rearing, as a liquid addition to the water supply for birds. The broad spectrum biocidal efficacy reduces water contamination and cross contamination. It is suitable for use on processing surfaces, packaging plant and transport vehicles, holding pens and bins as well as floor, wall and cold room areas. 

 Factories & Food Processing Industries

It is effective against moulds, yeast and fungi. It is the most useful product when there is a need to disinfect and deodorize large areas during epidemic / endemic out breaks (Eg: Swine Flu, infections during / after floods).