Origin of Estate Monkeys Coffee

At Estate Monkeys, we believe in freshness above all else. We roast our premium, single-origin Coorg coffee in small collections, ensuring each cup bursts with flavour.
For 5 generations, our family has been cultivating exceptional coffee in the heart of Coorg. Our two estates, nestled in the idyllic Somwarpet region, are blessed with the perfect conditions to grow some of the world’s finest Arabica beans. We stay true to time-honoured traditions, handpicking only the ripest cherries and sun-drying them to perfection.
We craft unique blends and offer single estate coffees, all made to order and delivered fresh to your doorstep. Experience the rich heritage and exceptional quality behind every cup of Estate Monkeys Coffee.
Discover the taste of tradition, freshness and Coorg’s finest coffee. Check out our collection & explore our single-origin and handcrafted blends.